Thursday, April 7, 2011

Check this out!

I just found this wonderful spring EBook and it's free Head over to No Time For Flash Cards and check it out!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So I am on this kick to create instead of consume, so I have been thinking up active inexpensive projects that we can make for the kids to keep them happy during this in between season of cold muddy days that make us all go a little crazy for spring.

Last week I dumped 15 boxes into the play room and watched the kids make them into a balance beam that sadly only lasted twenty minutes, since they were crushing the boxes with each step. So I sent my husband once again to the hardware store and for $3 he brought home a beam and within a half hour him and Max had made a simple balance beam.
So happy to help

Asking for his hardhat!

Trying to get the hang of it

Two at a time

Seeing how long we can stay on

helping balance the ball over the beam

I find I am leaning more towards teaching the children through active play as they are just not interested in a lesson plan at this age. I find that activites as simple as a $3 balance beam can teach them problem solving and cooperation. It invokes curisoty and allows them to work as a group, learning from each other's idea's. The more I observe there interests and fill our classroom with items that encourage the more I find ways to foster there growing curisoty. People often ask me how do we keep busy all day and where do I come up with idea's? The best answer I can give is the children keep busy and supply most of my idea's.