Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our Valentines Station is completely kid friendly
We started by taking a old gift bag and stamping some hearts
One basket is stamping and another is gluing.
But I wanted them to make the craft on their own without my help so thankfully I found this smart idea on pinterest.
                                                                    and it works
                                                and they are so so proud of themselves
Everyone can cute their own heart and loves to practice.
We also love to color so we made a forth basket and used the left over heart paper as stencil's.

So the kids can walk up to the stations and either take the baskets down them selves or ask for help since some are up high. (multi age class so safety first) and make a completly child made valentine from start to finish!!!

Happy Heart Day


ABC Yoga Love

I am enchanted with this book and so are the kids.


At first when we started this was the face they made.

Then I got out the turtle light and put on some soft music and asked them each to pick a mat.  As of right now we are working on three poses a day.                                                                                                                                                                          

Each pose has a rhyme to help the kid get into and remember the pose. As I walked around and help them they were excited to show me that they could do it.

 We have been having a lot of up and down temperatures that sometimes keep us inside more days then we like, and we find ourselves looking for ways to exercise, and as fun as dance parties are, we sometimes need to find a way to use our energy with a different rhythm. So far this has been perfect!
Do your kids yoga?