Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Keeper

The kids are all about making a project themselves from start to finish. I am amazed at how little instruction I have to give. I just set out the materials and they go to work.

For this project I strung the eggs for them because that part was a little tricky even for me.
These eggs came with holes in the top so it worked perfect for this activity.

 The whole project could have just been cutting straws and they would have been happy. It was interesting for me to watch these three. They are each at such a different stages with their fine motor work.
My almost 3 year old is just happy to cut as fast as he can, now that he has complete control with his scissors.
Our 2 year old little lady is still trying to master the correct way to hold the item that she is trying to cut.
And our 4 year old sets goals for his work, aiming to cut each piece the same size.
Stringing the necklace was a bit of a challenge since the egg was in the middle so they had to find a way to fill both sides without the beads falling off.
Keeping the string laying on the table seemed to work best.
The finished product gave them such pride in their work. Anything that they create that becomes something they can wear seems to bring the most satisfaction.
                         And the fact that this item holds candy!! Well that just sealed the deal.
They were thrilled when I added the treats! Can you tell?

They were also so proud of each other and praising one and other for a job well done.

 We all gave this project a A+

Monday, March 25, 2013

A smashing good time

A hammer, some eggs and two toddlers.

Let the games begin!!!!

Add in some glue and glitter!

Ok A LOT of glue and glitter

And you have a perfect Easter craft
If you could hear them through these photo's you would hear a lot of planning, encouragement, sharing, complements, and pride as they completed the task themselves from start to finish. They each made a few pictures and would have kept going if we didn't run out of eggs. Next time I will know to have 100 eggs ready.
(please note no eggs were wasted in the making of this craft)
We had french toast for lunch for the next 3 days!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Toddler Science

We are having Mad science week at day care this week for March break and this is something we did during Halloween and I am doing it again this week. I saw it all over pinterest in the fall so I can't take credit for it but I thought I would share it with you incase you haven't tried it yet!
All you need a some vinegar and food coloring. A few droppers. I bought mine a the school supply store because we use them all the time but before we used these I was saving the ones from the Tylenol bottle and asking for extras at the pharmacy. shhhh don't tell them that's what we were using them for.

Then you just ad some baking soda to a tupper ware container and let them drop away.

Great for control and fine motor work as well as creativity. Love this activty

Saturday, March 9, 2013


I love winter and always wish for snow but then I always hit a wall when the snow is half gone and the puddles are making their way into my house via little feet and hands, and snow pants, and gloves. Goodness kids loves cold wet muddy puddles! So yes I am over winter. All my wishing for snow is down. I would like mother nature to wave a wand and clean up this mess and make spring appear the way Disney does. Until then I'll just dream of days like these that are sure to come, and be happy that we are having more and more days of sun.