Saturday, September 27, 2014

Happy Hunting

I'm not sure about you but in Ontario right now we are having some very, dare I even say summer like days. I'll take them! This is actually an activity that we did in June but works great for warm fall days as well and is so easy to set up. I got the print out from Pinterest! (Thanks Pinterest) then just stapled them on some paper bags this set upbecame part of the activity for my older children, they love helping with play prep in the summer. 

She added a crayon to each bag and off we went. 
finding hidden treasures that were not on the list added to their play. This little path beside the park led to a fallen tree that the kids claimed as their fort. The branches were to low for me to follow giving them a little feeling of risk and independence. 
They were happy with the freedom but it was a little tricky to get some of them to come back out. Guess who's kids theses are? 
Finding items like robins eggs and animals that had passed, led to all sorts of questions and hand holding so that little fingers didn't get to close. It also gave me the opturnity to listen. The children were very empathetic to the animals and each other's feeling. 
If you are a childcare provider setting out on this mini adventure here are a few key elements that kept our hunt happy! We ventured out early in the morning before the sun became to hot, just after morning snack. You could bring snack with you to extend your outting however having free hand for this one was nice. We also didn't go very far. We are very lucky to live close to some enchanted little parks and with small children in tow I am thankful for the connivence. 

Returning home happy and still trying to master the jumping photo. Happy Hunting! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Over Again

Some things never get old! If you have never done this activity with a multiage classroom, DO IT! This table holds a 1-2 and almost 3 year old. Other then the fact that I cut out the leaf and stuck the sticky paper on they did the creative part themselves. The finished product is beautiful and they know it!