Monday, September 3, 2012

Let them lead

Kids: Can we get out the Tunnel today. Me: Ok lets see what you can come up with.
Kids: The little kids are moving the tunnel all over so can we please put the table on top of the tunnel because it's still high enough for us to crawl through. Me:YES

Kids: If we pushed the toy shelves together we could make stairs and make a obstacle course? Me: Sure, show me.
Kids: We need the nap time mat's in between the tunnel and stairs so we don't crawl out on bonk our heads. Me: Good thinking.

My Kid: Mom I could jump from here Me: NOPE!

Kids:We could turn the space were the toys were into house for each of us and write our addresses down. Me: Go for it.
Kids: We added blankets and pillows so we can rest because we are exhausted after so much work.... we mean fun!
Me: Good work..... I mean fun!

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