Friday, December 3, 2010

Tis the Season

Last week I was feeling a tickle in my throat and was feeling panic in my chest at the thought of getting sick and then everyone around me getting sick. The runny nose had started and I was going through about 4 boxes of kleenex a day......ok maybe I am over reacting but I did get a slight sore throat and I did panic! So I was craving cold things and was thinking maybe my little people were to.
So I got out the blender and made some frozen treats.

I wanted them to have some nutritional value to them so I added frozen blueberries, bananas, yogurt and a little bit of OJ I only blended it for a moment so that it would stay thick.

I made them in little cups because we all know how long and messy it can become when a 2 year old is eating a popsicle.

I put them in a little container in my freezer then about an hour later used the kids spoons at sticks and froze them for another hour.

When nap time was done my treats were ready and the kids loved them.

I felt good giving it to them because it was so fun for them to eat and so good for them!

Other things I might ad next time.
Avocado and lemon
Sweet potato and apples
tofu and banana's
If you have a great smoothie recipe I would love to hear it just leave a note in the comment box.


  1. My kids love mango smoothies. (I think most kids do) Just buy the frozen ones that are already chopped up, as the fresh ones are a pain.

  2. Mango's are such a good idea! I will try that next