Sunday, March 13, 2011

I go shopping

During our morning snack I always ask the kids a question. Last week I asked them what they like to do with mommy and my son quickly said shopping! Oh how I wish he meant clothing shopping because that would just be a dream, sadly no! He meant grocery shopping, still delightful! He had run to the store with me the evening before and was able to use one of the little shopping carts they have for kids (our regular store doesn't have these) he helped get everything we needed and didn't complain when I denied his request for every Easter candy on the shelf. So when checking out he spotted a train magazine and sweetly said "please mommy" I melted and said yes!
So after he announces to the circle that he likes shopping they all start saying "I go shopping" and this leads into all the things that they are "allowed" to get when they go. A competition starts everyone shouting out "ICE CREAM" "JELLY BEANS" "TOYS" clearly all things they are dreaming of shopping for.
To stear them back in the right/healthy/realistic direction I made a little shopping set for them.

I just made a list with pictures of each of the foods that we have in our wooden set and the corresponding words below.

Then I made price tags and money to help with number recognition.

They come to me with their list and need to find the right foods, and figure out how much money each one cost. They are using little shopping bags and struggle to resist the urge to fill the entire bag with everything on the shelf.

No one seems to miss the fact that there is no candy isle!

Then they drive their purchase home and put them in the fridge.... Adorable


  1. How fun!!

    I'm posting a tutorial for my shopping book this week (Friday?) and have included a word card in that, too. Never hurts to encourage word recognition, right?

    Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment!

  2. I love this!! little girl would LOVE this? Are you making printables available or can I post some for my blog? Annie Thanks so much for sharing your idea!

  3. I am trying to get my hubby to help me make the printable available but right now I am having no luck sorry! You can post some for sure! Feel free to link back to me! Thanks

  4. My kids love stuff like this! What a fun idea!

    I'd love to have you share at my For the Kids Friday Link Party! I'm sure you'll find some fun ideas while you are there! Come join the fun!

  5. This is so clever. I need to find the time to make the tags and money, too. We just found a toy cash register at a sale this weekend. It would be perfect!