Sunday, March 6, 2011

Letting them lead

I am continuing my attempt to listen more and direct less with the children, in doing this I have been able to see there interest and watch how each one learns and incorporate that into our play.
They were all into playing house, the tool bench and blocks so I put my handy husband to work telling him that I wanted to put even more holes in the walls (his biggest pet peeve) and make a rope system that the kids could build their own tent structure from. Being the girl that I am I thought we could just hang some hooks from the wall and let the kids get to it! Mr Handy had a much better idea getting wooden cutting boards from the dollar store and door handles from the hardware store, some rope and hooks and voila we have hours of creative play.

This type of play has lead to team work, creative thinking, leadership, support and endless play. I can't wait to see what direction they lead me in next this really my job? SOooooOOoo lucky!

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