Thursday, April 4, 2013

Picky Pizza

I'm still on my quest to fight against picky eaters. My kids are completely against me and try to turn

non picky eaters into PICKY EATERS!!! Not in my house. The flu bug hit us over the March break

and my sweet husband did the shopping for me. After three days being in bed I finally made it down

stairs to find that he had filled our cupboards with things that my children had never seen before.

Fruit rolls ups, pizza pockets, pudding, store bought treats of every kind.

I feel kinda bad even thinking about how quickly I cleared it all out since it did make them all so

happy. But the amount of junk makes my skin crawl. I decided that if they wanted this kind of food I

would make it for them but put in it what I wanted them to have.

It worked and they LOVED it!

I made "Pizza Pockets" with chicken and sweet potato inside and some cheese and pizza sauce. Not

only did my boys eat them for dinner but they next day we had them for daycare lunch.

All I did was get some whole grain (organic) already made pizza dough from the store,

and ad my own fillings.

These even work great for lunches eaten cold, or for nights when Dad is on dinner duty with some

salad. They can be cooked ahead and then frozen and heated when needed just like the store bought

pizza pockets.

These two little hams, who love the camera gave them two thumbs up!

What is your best trick to get your kids to eat healthy?

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  1. Great tips! It's my own 5 and 7 year old children who are ridiculously picky. It's enough to drive a mother 'round the bend.