Friday, August 9, 2013

word wall

It's a boys club here this summer and that mean's not a lot of time is being spent at my craft table. so I am trying to be creative with ways to get them to write. So we made a word wall.

                                           I used some puzzle pieces and they have to read the word 

                                                 Then the use the magnet letter to build the word

                                             and finally and washable marker to write it.











The older kid have been helping my younger ones


Throughout the week we have been coming up with new sentences and idea's for the wall.

 Since my JK kids have been home on summer vacation they have loved the idea of centers and even went around the room posting numbers of how many people could be at each center at a time. Not sure if the little one's have got the idea yet but I love that they are bringing some of the classroom home.


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