Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sticky Leaf Art

Sticky paper is my new best friend. Martha Stewart stamps and I have always been best friends,  I love that they are so durable and that the kids can use them.
This activity was so simple to set up and the kids put it together themselves.
The ages of my lil's for this one is between 2-5
    As I set up the table, I asked the kids to run around the yard and pick out some leaves.
 I explained to them that their paper was sticky and that I would like them to punch out some shapes from the leaves they collected and the rest was creative kid magic.

 Somehow, my snowflake punch got put away in my fall bin so I am wondering if I will find the pumpkin punch in the winter bin come Christmas. The snowflake still made for a good design though.
 Some lil's decided so make their own shapes using their new found scissor skills.
 The best part of about this project was it kept them involved and they enjoyed watching what each other was creating and chattering away.
 The final product was wonderful and we sealed it with another layer of sticky paper.

Watch out for more sticky work coming to a window near you!

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