Tuesday, November 9, 2010


A few weeks ago we did a week of Dinosaurs and the kids had a blast! I thought maybe they were to young but I kept this really simple and let them learn through play and they couldn't get enough! Also it helped my picky eaters try new things all I had to do was tell them it was Dinosaur food and they ate it! YEAH Dino's!

A few things we did
I used home made playdough with little dino's hidden inside as eggs and let the kids hatch them while we read a book about baby dino's
We talked about where and when Dinosaurs lived and what they ate, the kids were not to happy when I talked about the carnivores so for this year I decided it wouldn't hurt if all the Dinosaurs were herbivores.
We went for a walk and pretended to be Dinosaurs
We learned about how big Dinosaurs were by cutting out a giant Dinosaur foot and painting it with our own feet by stomping in the paint like Dinosaurs!
We used the playdough to make a Dinosaur environment along with the stuff we collected on our walk
We talked about Dinosaurs skin and used egg shells to make our own dino's with bumpy skin!
I feel like we could have done weeks and weeks of dino fun I can't wait to do it again next year or maybe sooner!

What is your favourite theme!

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