Monday, November 22, 2010


I decided I would post a menu every once in a while I know myself that it is hard to come up with new and exciting things for them to eat! Mostly I just try to keep it simple so that everyone will like it and it's healthy!

This week’s Menu

Snack: banana, arrow root cookies
Lunch: veggie pancakes
Snack: Yogurt Graham crackers

Snack: raspberries, arrowroot
Lunch: Nuggets, fries, Fruit cocktail
Snack: toddler granola (dry cereal. raisins, and pretzels)

Snack: Banana bread Dried fruit
Lunch: chicken and rice, Yogurt
Snack: apple slices and dry cereal

Snack: cut veggies, gold fish
Lunch: Ham, pasta & veggies
Snack: Teddy graham’s

Snack: Grapes and cheese
Lunch: Pizza’s apples
Snack: cereal bars

I love the book Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld click HERE to see, so I try really hard to use as many of her recipes as I can. I also make things a head of time to make sure that all I have to do it pull it out heat it and serve it when the little ones are ready! Lunch is always a crazy time no matter how many kids you have, I just always pray that more food ends up in their tummies then on my floor! Thank god for a swiffer vac. You Can also check out a creative lunch post at Loveable Lunch

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