Monday, November 15, 2010

Picky Eaters

I have a handful of picky eaters and I have been determined to make sure that they learn to eat healthy, I refuse to give into there pickiness. I am always trying to think of or find new idea's to encourage them to try new things. This weekend after unloading our groceries and my 2 year old asking what each item was, I decided I would put a bowl of fruit out on our kitchen table and see what happens. I know this is rocket science...... but normally with having five 2 years olds in my house I keep most mess making things under lock and key. This, of course is not the montessori way and something that I am working on.
So this morning at snack I gave them the apples that they all love and just sat back and watch what they thought about the new fruit on the table.

It worked!!!! They wanted to know what each one was, they wanted to touch them ,bite them, talk about them, and eat them. I love when simple idea's work!

I'm going to start a food of the week and see what happens.

If they put it in their mouth I'm happy!

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