Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Living The Letter

Living the Letter B

This week we are living the letter B and I say living instead of learning because that is what it has become! Here are some of the B things we have done!

We Blew Bubbles in Blue cups with blue straws!

We Baked Bread (pizza dough) in our little oven. I baked it upstairs after they were done and they were thrilled to have it for lunch! Until they realized that I over baked it and some were like little rocks!

We made Ball painting with marbles and paint!

We read, sang and danced to Brown Bear!
Brown Bear Brown Bear trun around Brown Bear Brown Bear touch the ground,
Brown Bear Brown Bear reach up high, Brown Bear Brown Bear wink one eye
Brown Bear Brown Bear slap your knees, Brown Bear Brown Bear sit down please.

We Balanced trucks on Blocks and Brushed them with water. This is something I didn't come up with I had just set out a bunch of stuff on our table that started with the letter B and the boys started making little car washes. They asked me for water and did very well keeping it in the bowls. When we did have a spill they knew to grab a towel and clean it up.

We Buckled Belts

We Batted Balls with Brushes ( this also was something they started doing on their own and the loved)

We used nuts and Blots! This is a fine motor activity we have been working on for a while. I found this idea over at counting coconuts blog you can fine them HERE

I found with this weeks learning it was easy to find things around my house to fill our days with and sometimes the things I had intended on the children doing with the object they didn't end up doing, instead they were able to come up with their own idea's and learned through play!

I have one more thing to ad about our week in the letter B. I am a little addicted to planning and last night when I should have been sleeping I couldn't stop thinking about how much fun the boys had with there car wash, so I decided today we would make boats and I would be very brave and let them float!! It was a whole lot of messy fun!

I keep a lot of our recycling so that I can use it for crafts and activities so today's boats were made out of our recycling. We just put some of our home made play dough in the bottom of the boat and then a straw and they could pick between a foam sail or a felt sail. These were so easy to make and the kids were able to put them together with little to no help.

Happy Sailing.

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