Sunday, November 21, 2010

Recycled Fun

So clearly I can't afford to supply new toys for the kids on the regular basic I'm not sure anyone doing home child care can nor can many parents, so I am taking an old fashion approach to play and being more creative with what I give them. I'm going to sound old saying this statement but when I was a little kid we really used to find our own fun and I want to encourage that in my own kids as much as I can. I'm dying to throw out all of our plastic and one dimensional toys and replace them with puppets, and silks I found here, more wooden toys and the imagination that will come out of that! I'm in love with the blog Salt and Chocolate and inspired with her simple approach to play check out her blog here So like I said in a past post I have been saving my recycling and decided to ad some of it to our play kitchen. Since all my little people are starting to talk and understand each other they have been thrilled to play with containers that they recognize and enjoy making food and calling each other to dinner. It also turned out to be a fine motor activity learning how to open each container. I love when something so simple and free turns out to be endless fun.

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