Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Rhythm Of Our Day

I am the queen of routine and try my hardest to keep the kids on a schedule everyday. I have been lucky to have had the same group of kids for the past two years and with a 2 month break over the summer (while we added a new addition to our family) I was a little worried that I would have a hard time getting everyone back on track. Before starting back in September I sent out a letter to all my daycare families with a copy of our daily routine for them to post on their fridge and try to work with their kids before returning to daycare. I am so lucky to have wonderful parents that worked with the kids and when everyone started back it was like no time had passed. I find that on days when we stray from our routine the kids are restless and can't seem to direct their energy! Sometimes if our morning is running away from us for whatever reason and naptime is delayed a few of them will start begging for nap and walking themselves to their beds! Now to just get our new little man on the the same schedule and we will be gold!

I love routine and schedule for daycare and for my home. Do you have a Rhythm?

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